Professional recommendations and articles on health benefits.

Blacksburg Farmers Market is a great source of locally grown natural products. Read More

Sustainable Blacksburg is a group dedicated to green initiatives within Blacksburg. Read More

16 Blocks Magazine photojournalistic article about Shadowchase Farm. Read More

Mikie's 7this a local natural foods restaurant in Newport, Virginia. Read More

Harmony Organics Garden & Farm Supply Store, Blacksburg, VA. Read More"... Lower in Fat and Calories. There are a number of nutritional differences between the meat of pasture-raised and feedlot-raised animals." Read More

Mother Earth News - "Better Beef"... "Beef from a cow raised on pasture is even healthier for you than a chicken breast -- the white meat that health authorities are so quick to recommend." Read More

Georgia Faces... "Cows' Grass and Legume Diet Creates Low-Fat Beef"
"Health professional recommend a balance of 2-to-1 or less of omega-6-to-omega-3 fatty acids...Grass-finished beef typically has a 5-to-1 ratio or higher." Read More

U.S. Wellness Meats - Health Benefits... "Research conducted over the last decade has discovered a naturally occurring substance in beef, conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. Michael Pariza first discovered CLA at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in his anticancer research -- CLA has been shown to both reduce the incidence of cancer and suppress the growth of existing cancers..." Read More

"No Bar Code" by Michael Pollan"... "I might never have found my way to Polyface Farm if Joel Salatin hadn't refused to FedEx me one of his chickens." Read More