Our Farm

Our 250-acre farm, which is covered by 220 acres of grassland, is located in the Sinking Creek Valley, in the drainage of the New River Valley, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Running 30 miles long, the valley is enclosed by Sinking Creek Mountain to the South and John's Creek Mountain to the North. It is located 20 miles Northwest of Blacksburg, Virginia; our farm is 2500 feet in elevation.

Advantageous temperatures (consistently 10 degrees cooler than Roanoke, Virginia with significantly lower humidity assist in the grass-finishing process; cattle eat more when they are cooler. The cool season grasses also thrive in such conditions. We have the farm fenced into 18 separate pastures, all with watering facilities.

By rotating the finishing animals ahead of the cow-calf pairs, they eat the prime forage for maximum gains. Winter feed is cut from excess spring growth and planted alfalfa fields and is converted into hay. We plant summer annual BMR sorghum-sudangrass, for summer grazing of our finishing animals, and winter annuals (ryegrass) to extend the grazing season into the fall, and for an early startup in the spring.


Our cattle are primarily a Black Angus and Gelbvieh cross, bred to a Rotokawa Devon bull. Animals are hand-selected that will finish best from our calves. We consider: history of the cow (mother), docility of the animal, and confirmation of the animal.

Finished Animals are:

  • Selected as yearlings and placed in the group of finishing animals.
  • Harvested at approximately 24 months of age.
  • Most animals finish in the Fall with a few finishing in June-August
  • Harvested when they are at their prime finishing weight, not when our schedule requires it.
  • Seasonally harvested.
  • Dry-aged for 16-21 days and then custom cut, vacuum-packed, and frozen, prior to customer pick-up or delivery.