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We are a Christian family who has been farming in the Sinking Creek Valley since 1993. We began as a cow-calf operation--selling feeder-calves at approximately 500-600 lbs into the feedlot system. We began learning about grass-finished beef in 2002, and we then discovered we were learning something that history had already laid before us.

It didn’t take long to convince us that grass-finished beef was not only better for us than grain-finished, but it was actually healthier, and we wanted to raise enough for our family. So, we began grass-finishing beeves just for our own consumption. Those first 3 years involved a lot of on-the-job education which included choosing animals, finishing age, winter feed, special plantings of summer forage, and slaughtering facilities.

Our goal was and is two-fold; to not only finish an animal that is good for you, but that tastes great as well. After three years, we finally arrived at a well-marbled, great tasting, grass-finished beef product. Our friends began asking if we could raise extra for sale. So the next year we selected a few more animals, and it has now become a business which has grown by word-of-mouth. In 2006, we decided to offer public sales after production increased. We now grass-finish all of our young animals. In 2008 we added pigs to our farm. They are raised on pasture and in the woods, where they have access to acorns in the fall.

Pioneers don’t ever do anything for themselves; it’s for their kids. I can only farm for a few more years and I’m trying to get something started so that my kids will get involved in this. If nothing else, I would love for them to just raise food for themselves on this farm.

In an effort to convince you of our trustworthiness, we welcome all questions as to our methods, our facilities, etc. We also welcome you to come and see what we are doing. We began grass-finishing for our family’s health. It is my promise to you that I refuse to sell a product that I would not serve to my own family.