Phil Mosser

welcomes visitors interested in experiencing how a natural farm really works. You can also find his products at the Blacksburg Virginia Farmers Market.

Naturally Raised Grass Finished
Beef and Pork

Family owned and operated

Shadowchase Farm focuses on naturally raising grass-finished beef and pork. Free of growth hormones and preventative antibiotics, our exceptional product is offered for direct marketing to the public. Accepting all accountability for our product creates a standard above others. By demonstrating these three points, we hope to have your business in the future. We hope to create a "win-win" situation by offering you, the consumer, a supreme quality, healthy, and great-tasting product while we earn more income than by selling to the feed-lot system.

We have three purposes for our website

1. To convince consumers that grass-finished meat is healthier and better tasting beyond the beneficial expectations than feedlot, grain-finished beef and pork.

2. To introduce you to our homestead, our family and our farming methods.

3. To illustrate how you can purchase our grass-finished products for approximately the same price that you pay for feedlot, grain-finished meat at the grocery store.

In an effort to convince you of our trustworthiness, we welcome all questions as to our methods, our facilities, etc. We also welcome you to come and see what we are doing. We began grass-finishing for our family’s health. It is my promise to you that I refuse to sell a product that I would not serve to my own family.